Matcha lattes are the go-to drink at these Vancouver cafés

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Move aside coffee, there’s a new hot caffeinated drink keeping Vancouverites warm: the matcha latte. With it’s a creamy-yet-subtle flavour, this green-tea-latte hybrid drink is the new go-to beverage to enjoy before or after work.

Small Victory Bakery

1088 Homer St, Vancouver BC V6B 2W9

Small Victory is a spacious, elegant café and bakery nestled in the heart of Yaletown. Their piping-hot matcha lattes are pure with no added sweeteners. Creamy green tea drinks feature beautiful latte designs and are artfully displayed atop wooden serving trays. Be sure to enjoy a beverage with a slice of their heavenly coconut layer cake.

33 Acres Brewing Co

15 8th Avenue W, Vancouver BC V5Y 1M8

Do not underestimate 33 Acres’ brewing abilities. The talented beer makers behind this beloved Mount Pleasant brewery are also skilled at preparing non-alcoholic beverages, including a delicious matcha latte. These tasty drinks are served in a clear glass handless mug, which means you’ll want to wrap your hands around it and let it warm your entire body. A pure matcha latte with no added sweetener, you won’t have to feel too guilty about this treat.

Thomas Haas Patisserie

2539 Broadway W, Vancouver BC V6K 2E9

Thomas Haas is renowned for its artisanal chocolate confections, but the baristas here also know how to whip up an excellent milky matcha latte. With beautiful latte art and a creamy green tea flavour, this delectable daytime drink offers the perfect balance to the patisserie’s rich chocolates and pastries.

Café Medina

780 Richards St, Vancouver BC V6B 3A4

Medina is bustling with energy no matter what time of day. The downtown restaurant is a busy-yet-cozy spot to enjoy a matcha latte along with their famous Liege-style waffles that come with an array of unique toppings such as lavender-infused white chocolate. Almond and soy milk are also available for those who require dairy alternatives.

Cafe Orso

4316 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver BC V7G 1K8

Beautiful Deep Cove is home to the charming Café Orso. It’s easy to hide away for hours at this North Vancouver café, sipping on your matcha latte as you take in the beauty around you. Be warned, you will most likely be leaving with a matcha ’stache from this cup of foamy deliciousness.


356 Water St, Vancouver BC V6B 1B6

Buro Espresso Bar is a relatively new addition to Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood. The triangular-shaped café has large floor-to-ceiling windows and is located at the intersection of Water, Cordova and Richards, making it a prime spot for people watching. Baristas serve up expertly prepared matcha lattes that are rich in flavour and finished with creative latte art. Be sure to bring along your laptop; the long communal live-edge wood table is the perfect spot to get some work done.

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