Off-campus student snack spots in Calgary

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Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary boast plenty of on-campus eateries, which is convenient for students. Over the course of earning your degree, however, these cafés, restaurants and bars become very familiar. When you’re in need of an escape from academia as well as a bit of dietary variety, visit the following off-campus food-and-drink spots.

Nho Saigon

What restaurant makes the best pho in Calgary? It’s a subject of much debate, but Nho Saigon’s hearty, peanut-based broth should at least land it on the shortlist. Taking a soup break at this brightly painted, Asian-comfort-food spot is well worth the brief ride from Mount Royal University campus on the No. 13 bus. For those on a tight schedule, service is exceptionally fast.

Glamorgan Bakery Ltd

20-3919 Richmond Rd SW, Calgary AB T3E 4P2

There’s a cheesy reason the Glamorgan Bakery has been in operation almost 40 years. Its signature cheese buns pack a buttery punch and can be purchased fresh or frozen for later consumption. The 20-minute walk from Mount Royal University campus should be enough exercise to justify the indulgence!

Richmond Pub & Eatery

3919 Richmond Rd SW, Calgary AB T3E 4P2

Let’s face it: what you’re really looking for is a place to relax with a cold drink. Conveniently located a 20-minute walk north of Mount Royal University in Glamorgan Shopping Centre, this pub splits the difference between cozy sports bar and polished, roomy watering hole. Try it out on Tuesday evenings for cheap pints and a wing special featuring a choice of more than 20 flavours.

Our Daily Brett

101-1507 29 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2T 1M4

Let’s say exams are taking their toll, and junk food has you feeling blah. You deserve a healthy, well-prepared splurge. Treat yourself to Our Daily Brett’s ever-changing menu of fresh, balanced takeaway meals. The shop’s chic location in Bankview is an hour-long hike (10 minutes by car) from Mount Royal University, but guilt-free deliciousness is your reward.

Monogram Coffee

Nothing cures a bout of procrastination quite like a fine cup of coffee. Monogram’s founders are all barista-competition champs. This brightly lit café features inviting wood tables where you can enjoy your premium joe. Tea and specialty baked goods are also on offer. Bring a study buddy, and drink up while playing catch-up. It’s just a 10-minute ride on the No. 13 bus from Mount Royal University West Gate.

Pizza Bob's Classic Pie

2610 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary AB T2N 3S5

Take a short trip on bus No. 73 to enjoy thin-crust pizza that’s heavy on fresh toppings at the delightfully dive-y Pizza Bob’s. The food is great, and the restaurant presents live music and karaoke in the evenings, but the real kicker is that the place offers free corkage every night of the week. Bring your own wine, grab a pie and soak in the ’70s atmosphere.

Jimmy's A & A Deli

1401 20 Ave NW, Calgary AB T2M 1G6

Jimmy’s is a little further from the University of Calgary than other eateries, but it’s well worth the trip (about a 30-minute walk from the middle of campus) for its gargantuan Mediterranean sandwiches. Calgarians love their donair, shawarma and falafel, and Jimmy’s consistently makes citywide best-of lists for value and flavour. Line-ups are common, but a part of the A & A experience.

Kilkenny Irish Pub

800-3630 Brentwood Rd NW, Calgary AB T2L 1K8

A well-worn Irish pub decked out in all the requisite dark wood and kitschy Old Country bric-a-brac, this spacious restaurant and watering hole is located just west of the University of Calgary at the Brentwood Village Shopping Centre. You’ll find daily food specials that suit a student budget, plus cheap domestic pints on Monday.

KY Café

3303 33 St NW, Calgary AB T2L 2A7

Call it a hidden gem. Within the Geological Survey of Canada Building, the KY Café is located walking distance north of the University of Calgary campus on 33rd Street Northwest. The place offers dirt-cheap Vietnamese food including noodle bowls and banh mi subs.

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