Vancouver bars for a classic Pimm’s Cup cocktail

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What better way to stay cool on a summer day than with a refreshing, crisp and refined cocktail from Great Britain? These Vancouver bars and restaurants offer the finest Pimm’s Cups in the city. Pinkies up ladies and gents! [Image courtesy of Cactus Club Cafe]

Clough Club

212 Abbott St, Vancouver BC V6B 2K8

With leather upholstery, Chesterfield-style dark corners and a masculine, refined aesthetic, the Clough Club already feels like a British gentlemen’s club. Their renowned bartenders are a dab hand with both common and exotic spirits. While a Pimm’s Cup isn’t on the club’s official summer menu, rumor has it that you can receive one with all the trimmings (fruit and citrus), shaken to perfection, by asking – politely, of course.

The Cascade Room

2616 Main St, Vancouver BC V5T 3E6

A classic offering in the Main/Broadway area, The Cascade’s dark interior is usually for those wishing to avoid the traditions of summertime (and the glaring light that goes with it) rather than those wishing to embrace it. A Pimm’s Cup – especially when paired with British pub grub classics such as macaroni cheese or a scotch egg – can create the perfect balance.

Alibi Room

157 Alexander St, Vancouver BC V6A 1B8

While Alibi is best known for its plethora of beer offerings, their cocktail list is equally impressive, with a range of sweet, bitter and downright dangerous – not least because of the attention to detail given to every drink. Ask for a Pimm’s Cup as part of the restaurant-bar’s summer menu and sip on their patio, should you be lucky enough to get a seat.

Cactus Club Cafe

1085 Canada Pl, Vancouver BC V6C 0C3

A favourite standby, Cactus Club is a crowd-pleasing choice for business lunches, date nights and family dinners alike. Proper Pimm’s Cups are a special addition on the restaurant’s new summertime menu this year. Served in a highball glass, the feature cocktail is prepared with a base of Pimm’s No. 1, fresh lime juice and ginger ale, and gets a refreshing fruity kick with the addition of chopped strawberries, cucumber and mint.

The Narrow Lounge

1898 Main St, Vancouver BC V5T 3B7

As one of Vancouver’s worst kept secrets, The Narrow Lounge has built its reputation as the perfect off-the-map locale for secret trysts, late night gatherings, or simply a quiet pint. Should you wish to escape from the world, try a Pimm’s Cup in this underground spot where the decor smacks of a traditional British public house. Garnished with cucumber and citrus, it will transport you across the pond in an instant.

L'Abattoir Office

242-209 Carrall St, Vancouver BC V6B 2J2

L’Abattoir’s cocktails complement their ambitious food, using unusual ingredients, complex bitters and twists on traditional recipes to create truly unusual cocktails. Many of their cocktails already include Pimm’s, either as a rinse or one of the many flavours. Head Barman Shaun Layton won’t mind if you go off the menu by ordering a Cup. He’s quoted as saying that it’s the perfect summer cocktail.

The Keefer Bar

135 Keefer St, Vancouver BC V6A 1X3

Since opening, The Keefer Bar has quickly become a Vancouver cocktail staple. While a Pimm’s Cup isn’t on their official cocktail list, the medicine-themed bar often has specials (including Pimm’s) and their bartenders can use their encyclopedic knowledge to create a drink for you that wouldn’t feel out of place in Piccadilly.

Six Acres

203 Carrall St, Vancouver BC V6B 2J2

Enjoy a cheap and cheerful Pimm’s on the patio at this prime Gastown bar located at the intersection of Water and Carrall. Six Acres draws crowds throughout the day with its impressively prolonged Happy Hour that runs throughout the day from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm, during which a classic Pimm’s cocktail will set you back just $4.50. The thirst-quenching tipple is made with ginger ale and a cucumber garnish, and the budget-friendly price means you can happily indulge in multiple rounds.

Pidgin Restaurant

350 Carrall St, Vancouver BC V6B 2J3

What’s the secret to the perfect Pimm’s Cup? It can’t hurt to have an English bartender mixing it up, as is the case at Gastown’s Pidgin. Head Bartender Justin Barnes includes cucumber, strawberries, mint and crushed ice in his concoction to make for a truly luxurious experience.

West Restaurant + Bar

2881 Granville St, Vancouver BC V6H 3J4

West pins the invention of the Pimm’s Cup to around 1823, which goes to show their attention to detail when it comes to all things spirits. Their signature Pimms O’Clock cocktail is an unusual take on the traditional cocktail, mixing it with sprite, cucumber and lemon. Sipping one amidst the restaurant’s floor to ceiling, dark wood shelves adds to the Old World sensibility.

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