Vancouver's best spots for savoury samosas

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Despite what one might think, no two samosas are ever the same. Fillings, spices, cooking methods and ambience all combine to differentiate one samosa experience from another. I’ve traversed Vancouver to come up with seven different locales - from Little India treasures to West Coast bakeries - where discerning foodies can consume this beloved snack. [Photo credit: Shikhar Bhattarai]

All India Sweets & Restaurant

6560 Main St, Vancouver BC V5X 3G9

You’ve likely heard of All India Sweets for their stellar (and affordable) all-you-can-eat buffet, but once you arrive here, don’t forget to leave with a package of samosas tucked under your arm for tomorrow’s lunch. This cherished restaurant in the heart of Little India offers two chicken or veggie samosas for less than $5 combined. These tasty morsels are served with curried chickpeas for that extra hit of protein and flavour.

Whole Foods Market

510 8th Ave W, Vancouver BC V5Z 1C5

Next time you visit Whole Foods for coconut water and kale, consider grabbing a potato and pea samosa from their well-stocked deli case. Roasted in a bed of herbs and spices and served with spicy chutney, the crispy pastry is a tasty reward for finishing the week’s shopping – and its a healthy(ish) one, too, with all natural ingredients such as enriched whole wheat flour and pressed canola oil, among others.


3106 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC V5Z 2W2

This Indian fine-dining establishment was included on celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s famed tour of Vancouver, and for good reason. Everything on the menu – and I mean everything – is excellent and authentic, right down to the lamb and beef samosa starter. Sautéed in in fennel, cloves and sumac, and served with a tomato curry and creamy soft cheese, these savoury bites are ideal for a light and refined dinner or a robust and tantalizing appetizer.

Jambo Grill Ltd

1-3219 Kingsway, Vancouver BC V5R 5K3

Known for its eclectic mix of East African and Indian cuisine, Jambo offers three different samosas – chicken, beef or veg – for less than six bucks each. Hand-crafted and served piping hot with lemon, you can add more for just $2 each. And if you’re really hungry (or anticipating a busy week with limited cooking time), you won’t regret ordering 12 frozen samosas to go for a reasonable $20.

New Novelty Restaurant & Sweets

6669 Fraser St, Vancouver BC V5X 3T6

Located in Little India, New Novelty’s crispy, no-nonsense samosas are just 75-cents a pop, which means you should probably stock up while you’re here, grabbing a dozen or more veggie or meat varieties for future consumption. Tip: toss them in your freezer, heat up, serve and repeat for instant and delicious snacks throughout the week.

Sweet Cherubim

1105 Commercial Dr, Vancouver BC V5L 3X3

Cruising The Drive with a coffee and feeling a little peckish? Consider stopping by organic, vegan and vegetarian café Sweet Cheribum for a savoury samosa. Flavours include potato and pea, spinach and feta, tofu and rice, and chickpea and rice, and all are just $3.75 each. Tip: pop a few in your bag, and head to the nearby park to enjoy your treat in the sunshine.

Uprising Breads Bakery

1697 Venables St, Vancouver BC V5L 2H1

If you’re in the mood for an Americano with your samosa, look no further than Uprising Breads. Known for its innovative treats and superior baking ingredients, this popular bakery in the heart of East Vancouver offers a variety of hot deli items including samosas served hot with chutney. These are, of course, best paired with a specialty coffee or tea – or a gooey chocolate croissant, if there’s room!

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