Small Potatoes Urban Delivery, or more commonly SPUD, has been delivering groceries to us for 4 years now and they are so great to deal with. We order their Fresh Harvest Box and always get quality produce that they select for us. Even better you can review your order in advance and if there is something going in the box that you're not a fan of (Kale? Seriously?) you can easily swap in something that you do enjoy! You can also make additions to your Fresh Harvest Box if you need more of their tasty and organically grown fruits and veggies. And SPUD doesn't stop at just produce! You can order a huge variety of organically and naturally produced foods at prices similar or cheaper than the big natural food markets in the city. Choosing from produce, meat, dairy, and staples you could practically do all of your grocery shopping through SPUD and sometimes it feels like we do! The service is also excellent! Get an orange that's a little too mushy? They'll happily credit your next order. Even the invoice is an excellent example of service with a clearly explained total and recipes and tips for living a sustainable lifestyle. Check out SPUD to make the task of grocery shopping a little more enjoyable! Lire plus

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