5008 49th Avenue, Redwater AB T0A 2W0 Itinéraire
Analyse électronique de moteur d'auto, Réparation de système d'échappement d'auto, Réparation de système électronique d'auto, Réparation de système électrique d'auto, Réparation de système de refroidissement d'auto, Remplacement de batterie d'auto, Réparation d'alternateur d'auto, Réparation de voiture asiatique, Réparation de voiture ancienne, Réparation de voiture américaine, Réparation de carburateur, Alignement de roues d'auto, Mise au point d'auto, Permutation de pneus d'auto, Équilibrage de pneus d'auto, Réparation de suspension d'auto, Réparation d'amortisseur d'auto, Traitement antirouille pour auto, Réparation de radiateur d'auto, Changement d'huile d'auto
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5812 Highway 2A, Lacombe AB T4L 2G5 Itinéraire
The staff was very professional, the estimate was done quickly and my car was booked efficiently. The work was done beyond my expectations in all aspects. Lire plus
55317 Rge Rd 261, Sturgeon County AB T8R 0V6 Itinéraire
Couche antirouille, Peinture de camion, Traitement antirouille, Vérification de rouille, Réparation de carrosserie de fibre de verre, Restauration d'auto d'époque
Great work at a reasonable price.thanks Dwaynes autobody for you excellent service Lire plus
I had VIP service from the start. After my accident they took care of everything! And I mean everything! They checked in with my as my car progressed and went over everything in detail that was done. Incredible service from Albert and all his staff. Thank again for the amazing service :) Lire plus
8620 126 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5B 1G9 Itinéraire
Réparation de carrosserie de fibre de verre, Traitement antirouille
14526 118 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5L 2M8 Itinéraire
Rust Check, Traitement antirouille pour fourgons, Traitement antirouille pour auto, Traitement antirouille pour vus, Traitement antirouille pour camions
My new truck was recently done with rustproofing, undercoating and Line-x of the box. Excellent efficient top notch service. Thanks again. Lire plus
11330 154 St NW, Edmonton AB T5M 1X7 Itinéraire
Couche antirouille, Traitement antirouille, Vérification de rouille, Réparation de carrosserie de fibre de verre, Restauration d'auto d'époque, Peinture de camion, #achatlocalenligne
I just had my vehicle done, and they did a fantastic job. Totally would recommend them to anyone. They made it so easy. Kept me updated on the process and made sure I had a vehicle the day of it getting dropped off. Customer service was FANTASTIC and a great help for any questions or concerns I had. Thanks Carstar for making my truck beautiful again. Lire plus
17515 106 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5S 1E7 Itinéraire
Réparation de carrosserie de fibre de verre, Restauration d'auto d'époque, Vérification de rouille, Traitement antirouille, Peinture de camion, Couche antirouille, Redressement de cadres d'autos
Someone sketched my wife's CX9 in the parking while she was shopping. Luckily it was only a paint damage but still a damage. After some diligent research I ended up at Jesus's shop and showed him the problem. After walking me through his professionally equiped shop and showed me his work he looked up the model in a minute and provided me with an estimate instantly. I made an appointment with him for the next business day and he took care of the car. I can't even see where the damage was. The quality of his work is second to none, his demeneur is of the highest grade of professionalism and his pricing was in line with the level of work he needed to do. I recommend him to anyone who needs paint repairs. Thanks Jesus. Lire plus
Westside Automotive gives excellent service, and reasonable price repairs. I take my Beetle to them and only them for all my repair needs. I highly recommend them. Lire plus
3908 82 Avenue, Leduc AB T9E 8M4 Itinéraire
Redressement de cadres d'autos, Réparation de pare-chocs, Réparation de peinture d'auto, Réparation de rouille automobile, Restauration d'auto d'époque, Réparation après collision, Débosselage, Réparation de carrosserie de fibre de verre, Débosselage sans peinture, Vérification de rouille, Traitement antirouille, Réparation de rayures, Réparation de carrosserie de camion, Peinture de camion, Couche antirouille
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