2062 Liverpool Rd, Pickering ON L1X 1E2 Itinéraire
Menu en ligne, Menu du midi, Livraison de pizza, Restaurant avec stationnement, Plat à emporter
The best pizza in Durham! The owner personally cooks the pizza to perfection with more ingredients customized to how you want. Bored of the big chains? You must try The House of Pizzeria in Pickering, Full Menu Items like Wings, Burgers and Fries too! Lire plus
2062 Liverpool Rd, Pickering ON L1X 1E2 Itinéraire
Plat à emporter, Restaurant avec stationnement, Livraison de pizza, Menu du midi
1660 Kingston Rd, Pickering ON L1V 5R2 Itinéraire
2506950 Ontario est un établissement convivial. Découvrez un menu offrant une variété de hamburgers, aux prix de 11$ à 25$ et pouvez vous y rendre par voiture. Ils sont installés à... plus... Plus de texte
I had an amazing time at this Diner. My friend recommended it to me. My friends and I went to the diner on the weekend it was a little packed but that was fine. The waitress showed us to a sit in the corner with a great big smile on her face and asking us how are day has been so far. It was my first time there so I asked the waitress what was one of her favorite things to eat here, she said the open faced hot turkey and the California scramble. So at her recommendations i picked the California scramble. It’s a toasted muffin with scrambled eggs with green peppers and tomatoes mixed into it with a little bit of hollandaise sauce and feta sprinkled onto it with home fries on the side. And not even 7 minutes later our food is all ready coming out to us; I couldn’t believe it came out so fast. It looked and tasted great. Lire plus
1725 Kingston Rd, Pickering ON L1V 4L9 Itinéraire
I love the fact that everything is cooked to order. Even if it means waiting 4-5min for my food, it is absolutely worth it. They have a great variety of items in their menu, so there is definitely something for everyone. I personally love their Greek fries, which is served with feta cheese and their homemade Greek dressing. Don't forget to get a milkshake with your combo! They are sooooo good. Lire plus
57 Notion Rd, Ajax ON L1S 6K7 Itinéraire
Had a walnut tart that was simply delicious at the ribfest. Only wanted a portion as I have been dieting so bought one small. When I ate it later at home I was so happy I only bought one as I would have at the whole six it was so good. Thank Mr.WALL Lire plus
981 Brock Rd, Pickering ON L1W 3A4 Itinéraire
Déjeuner servi toute la journée, Menu du midi, Menu en ligne, Restaurant avec stationnement, Restaurant accessible en fauteuil roulant
All their food is great. I am in love with their Wonton Noodle soup and come in regularly to have for my yummy with lots of noodles & homemade pork wontons. I highly recommend this restaurant! Lire plus
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