I am very happy with the medical attention my family and I receive from Dr. Ali and Dr. Salam. I do think that to improve their practice they need to separate walk in times from days where appointments are taken. This would probably help with the congestion issue people experience. Whenever I have come in, either for myself or my children I am treated well and always with respect and compassion. I highly recommend these doctors. Lire plus
1525 Albion Road, Etobicoke ON M9V 5G5 Itinéraire
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My family Physician referred to see ENT Specialist. I had trouble hearing for last few weeks. At Dr. Sky’s clinic I found out that my appointment is after two days. I requested the doc’s Secretary. She understood my agony and discomfort and asked me to wait if David has time. Doctor David found out that Wax problem was so intense. He took his time and kept working on till resolve it without any pain. He showed me the inner state of my ear on monitor. It was great learning for me. Amassing! Lire plus
I really love to go to this clinic whenever I need to see a doctor. Dr.Shih is my family doctor since 2002 and they open 6 days a week. Whenever I need to see a doctor even he is on holiday always some doctors there can take care of us. I feel safe about this. The staffs are busy but they are nice if you talk to them polite. Lire plus
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2887 LakeShoreW, Etobicoke ON M8V 1J1
It was an exceptionally long wait the last time I was there as there was only one Physician on duty, but the clinic is clean, the staff pleasant and efficient and the Doctor’s diagnosis was careful and accurate. Lire plus
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2390 Bloor St W, Toronto ON M6S 1P5 Itinéraire
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