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88 Gordon St, Guelph ON N1H 4H6 Itinéraire
Plat à emporter, Menu du midi, Menu en ligne, Restaurant avec internet sans fil, Restaurant avec stationnement, Restaurant avec service de traiteur, Restaurant halal, Restaurant avec service de livraison, Algérienne
Manouche Express offre aux résidents de Guelph un goût de la Méditerranée avec du Hummus crémeux, shawarma de poulet savoureux, et tabbouleh frais. Toutes nos repas sont fait avec ... plus... Plus de texte
Amazing shawarma and great customer service, will definitely be returning!! Delicious! Lire plus
35 Harvard Rd, Guelph ON N1G 3A2 Itinéraire
Restaurant rapide halal, Restaurant halal, Menu du midi, Restaurant avec stationnement, Restaurant avec internet sans fil, Plat à emporter, Restaurant accessible en fauteuil roulant
Venez savourer un agréable repas chez Pita Hut. Au menu vegetaliennes, wraps et une cuisine vegetarienne. L'ambiance de cet établissement est décontractée et familiale. Profitez d'... plus... Plus de texte
Really great food and really friendly staff! I'm too excited to have a shawarma place near campus :) Lire plus
Pizza is wholesome, fresh and tasty. Completely different to the standard Friday-night, extra-cheese, soft-crust pizzas of the city. Large selection of toppings, menu items and pre-made pizzas (different from the standard layout). My favourite pizza place in the city! Lire plus
2030-1508 Upper James St, Hamilton ON L9B 1K3 Itinéraire
Venez savourer un agréable repas chez Montfort. Montfort est ouvert tard tous les jours de la semaine. L'accès est aisé par voiture. Les moyens de paiement admis sont Visa, MasterC... plus... Plus de texte
796 Brant St, Burlington ON L7R 2J2 Itinéraire
Restaurant avec service de réception
Great restaurant with a friendly staff. The food tasted fresh and was arranged on the plate with an appetizing style. Arguably the best chicken on a pita I've ever had. The pita was thin and pliable instead of overly thick. I liked how the chicken and other toppings were spilling forth from the pita like a cornucopia. The pineapple slices and the different spices went surprisingly well together. Clean interior with plenty of parking around the building. I look forward to returning and sampling more of their menu in the future. Truly a great place. Lire plus
2365 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville ON L6H 6N9 Itinéraire
Pita Nutso Trafalgar est un établissement accueillant. Venez profiter d'un ambiance décontractée. Pita Nutso Trafalgar est ouvert en soirée tous les jours de la semaine. Vous pouve... plus... Plus de texte
After a not so pleasant experience at Osmow's Grill I had some doubts about Pita Nutso. If most people preferred Osmow's over Pita Nutso and Osmow's wasn't even that good, how bad would Pita Nutso be? I went into the restaurant with a few friends and was quite surprised. Unlike Osmow's, the floors were clean, the restaurant was more spacious, and there was just a more comfortable feel in the air. Osmow's seems to always have this feeling of rushing and busyness, but Pita Nutso has a much more relaxed atmosphere. So we all ordered our food and sat at a table by the back. We didn't have to wait too long for the food, and when I took the first bite of my shawarma I knew that I would be coming back here often. I have been to several different shawarma places, and Pita Nutso definitely tastes the best, perhaps only in comparison to Shawarma King. The Pita Nutso staff obviously put care and attention to each shawarma. Mine was delicious, every last bite (and might I add that unlike Osmow's it was wrapped properly). I recommend this place to everyone now, and for good reason. Good atmosphere, great food and friendly staff all make Pita Nutso the place to be for a wonderful shawarma. Lire plus
17 Ray Lawson Blvd, Brampton ON L6Y 5L8 Itinéraire
Plat à emporter, Restaurant halal, Restaurant avec stationnement, Restaurant avec service de traiteur
1-118 Orenda Rd, Brampton ON L6W 3W6 Itinéraire
Plat à emporter, Restaurant avec service de traiteur
Best Coffee and Baklava I've had all day! Lire plus
I simply loved it!!!!! Delicious food, Best customer service and very clean place to eat. we had a dinner last night. Me and my family were looking the place to eat around 10 pm and we saw Middle eastern cuisine sign on Matheson and Mavis Mississauga so we stopped by and visited first time to this place. We entered inside one beautiful hostess greeted us and took us to the table and gave us the menu we ordered to the register a family platter, it looked amazing and delicious.. Highly recomm Lire plus
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