4143 Edmonton Trail Ne, Calgary AB T2E 3V5 Itinéraire
Hub Cap Hotline,
Everything for your wheels, we keep you rollin. Everything from lug nuts, lug bolts, spacers, TPMS, floor mats, grill inserts, to Wheels & Tires! plus... Plus de texte
Service de Parallélisme des Roues, Services électriques et batterie, Échappement, Entretien Diesel, Vidange d?huile et Lubrification, Freins, Diagnostics de Voyants Lumineux, Radiateur and Liquide de Refroidissement Moteur, Air Conditionné, Système de Direction et de Suspension, Entretien des Pneus et SSPP, Pièces d?Origines vs Pièces de Rechange, Remplissage à L?azote, Entreposage Saisonnier des Pneus, Recyclage des Pneus, Récréatif ? etit et gros VR, Récréatif ? VR de grande taille, Entreposage de pneu
With over 300 locations, OK Tire is your one stop for automotive service, repair and tires. Now offering a wide selection of car and truck accessories. plus... Plus de texte
21-666 Goddard Ave NE, Calgary AB T2K 5X3 Itinéraire
Pro Tire is a well-known and respected business that prides itself on its unsurpassed service and quality and meticulous attention to detail. plus... Plus de texte
21-666 Goddard Ave NE, Calgary AB T2K 5X3 Itinéraire
Équilibrage de roues, Entreposage de pneu
Pro Tire is a well-known and respected business that prides itself on its unsurpassed service and quality and meticulous attention to detail. plus... Plus de texte
Great service and Friendly staff. The owner is always able to help you out Lire plus
3712 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary AB T2E 3P4 Itinéraire
Quick and excellent customer service I ended Up getting a flat tire and they fixed it right away for me Lire plus
3314 32 Street NE, Calgary AB T1Y 6B9 Itinéraire
Kind, professional, great business I’d recommend them to anyone hands down over anywhere else Lire plus
1620 14 Avenue NW, Calgary AB T2N 1M6 Itinéraire
North Hill Shopping Center,
Very friendly staff, excellent customer service, excellent service! Lire plus
404 42 Avenue SE, Calgary AB T2G 1Y4 Itinéraire
Curtis and the rest of the team were absolutely amazing. I was able to book an appointment next day, after the first snowfall of the season. They also threw in an oil change and got me completely ready for the winter season. I would recommend this location to anyone! Lire plus
14947 Deer Ridge Dr SE, Calgary AB T2J 7C4 Itinéraire
When we purchased our Mazda the dealership told us there were "All Season" tires on the vehcile. As soon as the snow hit we found out very quickly that they were definitely not all seasons. When we started calling around we found out that they were infact a high performance Summer Tire - we definitely need winter tires - as we were sliding in less then an inch of snow. We had such a hard time finding snow tires for a Mazda - because it was a sports model - the rim size was not the average. This location was sooo helpful with tracking down what we needed and getting us in quickly. There was a huge snow storm last year - and we are sooo thankful that we went there and got those tires - I don't think we would have had an accident Free winter without them. Lire plus
9950 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB T2J 3K9 Itinéraire
Excellent service, great attitude and very honest. I would definitely recommend this location to everyone and will be doing so. I have always had great service at all of the Kal Tire locations I have been too. This is my first visit to this location and was a great experience. Thanks for the great work. Lire plus
10999 40 Street SE, Calgary AB T2C 3B9 Itinéraire
Like to rate this KAL Tire branch with a 5 star for their services, courtesy and speed. Lire plus
4704 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary AB T2G 0A8 Itinéraire
7007 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary AB T2H 0L7 Itinéraire
These guys hands-down are the best in Calgary I left my vehicle there for six weeks and they kept it indoors and fixed my bumper and their service is great very friendly knowledgable and will give you any deal they can, thry remember a face and they treat everybody with kindness. I have used them for 12 years. Lire plus
615 Moraine Rd NE, Calgary AB T2A 2P4 Itinéraire
The guys that work here amazing. They offer great advice and they are brutally honest which is so nice. As a female I usually get taken advantage of when taking in a vehicle but these guys are honest. Great service and workmanship and the price is right. Lire plus
911 37 Street SW, Calgary AB T3C 1S4 Itinéraire
Terrific in all aspects! Great communication throughout order, waiting for, and getting the part i needed! They were able to get me in the next day as well! Found myself actually just standing and chatting because everyone was so friendly! Absolutely awesome! Lire plus
105-7307 40 Street SE, Calgary AB T2C 2K4 Itinéraire
Alignement de roues
OK Pneus fait partie du paysage canadien depuis 1953. OK Pneus est un groupe de propriétaires indépendants de magasins de pneus qui se sont regroupés dans le but de mieux servir le... plus... Plus de texte
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