Halifax, Prospect NS B3T 2A3 Itinéraire
Réémaillage de baignoire ancienne
“Professional Refinishing at Affordable Prices, 5 Year Warranty, Free Estimates, Don’t Replace, Refinish”
39 Brûlé St, Dartmouth NS B3A 4G3 Itinéraire
Shine Bath Tub Tile & Countertop Refinishing
Me Carman refinishing my tub he was professional fun to be around and helped me fix my drain free of charge. He went above and beyond and also did a amazing job. I strongly recommend shine reglazing. Lire plus
5-20 Wright Ave, Dartmouth NS B3B 1G6 Itinéraire
Gerald and his team transformed my bathroom in one day. What was impressive was they way they handled a small issue. The style of tub I chose was 32" wide. It turns out the style of tub I chose was only made as a 30". I found this out after it arrived and prior to installation. Upon learning of this, Gerald showed up in about 45 mins with a 32" tub for me - for the same price. I was thrilled! Clean up was thorough and the crew was great. I would HIGHLY recommend them! Lire plus

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