After discovering that Drupati's/Roti Roti was closed, I decided to visit Alima's while reading online reviews. Warning: This is a take-out only place. There are no tables/chairs to eat-in. When I walked in, no one was at the counter. Had to wait a coupla minutes for someone to come to the counter. This seemed normal as no one was bothered by it. Being that it was my first visit, I had some questions that the worker patiently answered, suggesting different options. She was very helpful. Expecting to sitdown, I ended up eating by my car, on the grass. That didn't bother me much. Food was nicely packaged, neat not spilling all over the place. Parantha roti wasn't hot, more chewy than flaky/soft. Curry itself was very flavourful and not too salty - as I find most places tend to be. If in the area and want to do a pick-up, I think Alima's is a good option. (Place seemed quite busy with a revolving door of people coming in to pick up their orders that they phoned in!) Although I do prefer the taste of Drupati's/Bara's Hut. Lire plus
1780 Albion Rd, Etobicoke ON M9V 1C1 Itinéraire
Restaurant avec terrasse, Restaurant avec service de réception, Restaurant avec stationnement, Restaurant avec spectacles, Restaurant avec bar, 5 à 7, Accueille les groupes, Dîner dansant, Permis d'alcool
900 Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga ON L5C 4L2 Itinéraire
Venez savourer un agréable repas chez Leela's Roti Doubles. Découvrez un menu proposant cari, poisson et fruits de mer à moins de 10 $. L'accès est aisé par voiture et vélo. plus... Plus de texte
i need to have my jerk fix at least once a week and this is the best spot in Mississauga - trust me i've tried everything. don't expect the best service or atmosphere - that's not because they are rude or not nice, just seems like a lot of people are going in and out. Also, a few times they've mixed up my order, so make sure they get it exactly right. I've also noticed a few times they over salted, but that's a few times in the many many times i've been there. Overall would highly recommend this spot. Lire plus
120 Advance Blvd, Brampton ON L6T 4J4 Itinéraire
Restaurant accessible en fauteuil roulant, Restaurant avec service de réception, Restaurant avec salles privées, Restaurant avec bar, Restaurant avec spectacles, Restaurant avec stationnement, Menu du midi, Restaurant avec internet sans fil

5.2 km

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