7666 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls ON L2H 1H1 Itinéraire
Chinoise, Cuisine cantonaise, Cuisine sichuanaise, Restaurant accessible en fauteuil roulant, Mets à emporter, Restaurant avec service de réception, Restaurant avec stationnement, Menu en ligne, Menu du midi, Accueille les groupes
To complement our sumptuous cuisine, Magnolia is an oasis of inviting decor that heightens you dining pleasure. No MSG Added - Free Delivery Over $30 before taxes plus... Plus de texte
Clean, clean, clean. Finally a Chinese restaurant that gets it when it comes to cleanliness. Nice place to take your family and kids. Offers Great dishes and the portions are not bad. They also have a spacious parking area that is free to guests. (Trust me, that's rare in Niagara Falls). I invited friends and family from Toronto over lunch and everyone loved what I've ordered. Some of them even took home food for their dinner. I love recommending good place to everyone. Must try. Lire plus
535 Queenston Street, St. Catharines ON L2R 7K6 Itinéraire
George's Greek Villiage is a premier destination for Greek cuisine in the Niagara Region. Please visit our website for a list of services, and menu options. Offering catering, and banquet services. plus... Plus de texte
111 Fourth Ave, St Catharines ON L2S 3P4 Itinéraire
Italienne, Décontractée
Voted Niagara's favourite Italian restaurant
I have been going to this restaurant from day 1 when they opened and I had never had an issue with a meal, however last night we ordered salmon and it was way too salty. I couldn't eat it and was embarrassed to complain but the owner had no issues taking the plates back and preparing from scratch with no salt at all. I know it's a difficult time for restaurants and this was just another reason I will still dine here & recommend it to everyone. They care about their customers, food & reputation. Lire plus
100 Fourth Ave, St Catharines ON L2S 3P3 Itinéraire
Méditerranéenne, Décontractée, Familial
At Frescos we offer a menu that features our favorite dishes from around the world. Enjoy thin crust Pizza, Fresh Salads, Pasta, Chicken, Steak, Seafood and more. plus... Plus de texte
I have been coming to Frescos for many many years, with family and friends. The staff is very friendly and I look forward to the same quality of food and service every visit. I love the Asiago is a meal by itself. The crab dumplings are very good, and if it was real crab, they would be at least twice the price, so I am not quite sure why there are people complaining. This is a simple appetizer, not a gourmet seafood dish. The mushroom ravioli is fantastic, and be sure to leave room for dessert!! Enjoyable experience every time!! Lire plus
361 Lake St, St Catharines ON L2N 4H5 Itinéraire
Cuisine cantonaise, Restaurant avec bar, Accueille les groupes, Permis d'alcool
Best Chinese Food Restaurant - Dine-In and Take-Out - Celebrating 60 years serving St. Catharines plus... Plus de texte
We ALWAYS order take out from Cosy. I first discovered their food as a young child with my family. When my family wanted Chinese food this is what we would always order. Growing up, over the years I have come to try numerous Chinese restaurants, but none compare to Cosy. It is still my number one go to place when I'm in the mood for Chinese. We usually order the Won Ton Soup, Egg Drop soup (I love their Egg Drop soup and especially when I'm sick I'll call and order a large Egg Drop Soup for take out). The Egg Drop Soup has lots of egg in it, mushrooms, green onions, and peas. My favourite soup! We also always order the Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, Egg Rolls, Moo Goo Guy pan ( I love the Moo Goo Guy Pan because it has lots of tender (white meat) chicken, lots of mushrooms, celery, and onions in a delicious sauce. I can never get enough of this dish. So good! And the chicken is always cooked perfectly. Never dry or over done.) I go for more of the dishes with chicken or with seafood in it, but my boyfriend really enjoys the Beef with Green Peppers, and when I'm feeling like something different besides all the chicken dishes I will have the Beef and Peppers or the Beef and Broccoli. I enjoy the beef too. We also always go for the Chicken Fried Rice or the Shrimp Fried Rice depending what mood we're in. You can't go wrong with either one. We both enjoy topping the rice with the Sweet and Sour Sauce. And what's the best part about Chinese food? The Fortune Cookies! We always look forward to them at the end of our meal. Something fun and a nice little sweet way to end the meal. We usually get takeout from the Cosy, but when we do dine in we enjoy the the interior of the restaurant. It is quite unique and personal to the restaurant. The staff are always pleasant. When you call to order take out they always read back your order to make sure it is right, they let you know the total and how long it will be and you can tell they care. Like I said before, I have been going to Cosy for YEARS and I can't remember a single time where we've ever had our order messed up. They're always on top of their game! Great job! We'll be back forsure :) Lire plus
love your pizza...especially the dough but when I order double cheese I hate when it is very little with bubbles Lire plus
Always an enjoyable outing and delicious food; Ive never been disappointed! Lire plus
456 Welland Avenue, Saint Catherines ON L2M 7V3 Itinéraire
Excellent service Good food, well maintained location Lire plus
285 Genva Street, Food Court Fairview Mall, St Catharines ON L2N 2G1 Itinéraire
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271 Mary, Niagara On The Lake ON L0S 1J0 Itinéraire
Restaurant déjeuner, Cuisine canadienne, Grecque, Internationale, Cuisine américaine, Permis d'alcool, Déjeuner servi toute la journée, Accueille les groupes, Menu du midi, Menu en ligne, Réservation, Restaurant avec service de traiteur, Restaurant avec stationnement, Restaurant accessible en fauteuil roulant, Plat à emporter
Little Red Rooster Restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake is where the locals go for great comfort food classics for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner plus... Plus de texte
The rooster is a great place to stop for lunch. I always stop here when in NOTL . Lire plus
2980 King St, Jordan Station ON L0R 1S0 Itinéraire
Cuisine américaine, Familiale
Venez savourer un agréable repas chez Boo's Bar and Eatery. Vous pouvez vous y rendre par voiture. Ils sont installés dans un secteur ou l'on retrouve d'autre parcs. plus... Plus de texte
Great place awsome food. Staff is very friendly. Lire plus
35 Ormond St North, Thorold ON L2V 1Y9 Itinéraire
Café, Mets à emporter, Restaurant avec internet sans fil
Le Tim Hortons du 35 Ormond St North est le parfait endroit pour du café fraîchement infusé. Notre café est fait avec des grains 100 % arabica provenant des régions caféières les p... plus... Plus de texte
495 York Rd, Niagara On The Lake ON L0S 1J0 Itinéraire
Café, Plat à emporter, Restaurant avec internet sans fil
Le Tim Hortons du 495 York Rd est le parfait endroit pour du café fraîchement infusé. Notre café est fait avec des grains 100 % arabica provenant des régions caféières les plus rép... plus... Plus de texte
Wonderful and friendly staff, even during Covid-19! And the building is open if you need a bathroom! Lire plus
135 Taylor Rd, Niagara On The Lake ON L0S 1J0 Itinéraire
Le Tim Hortons du 135 Taylor Rd est le parfait endroit pour du café fraîchement infusé. Notre café est fait avec des grains 100 % arabica provenant des régions caféières les plus r... plus... Plus de texte
135 Taylor Rd, Niagara On The Lake ON L0S 1J0 Itinéraire
Le Tim Hortons du 135 Taylor Rd est le parfait endroit pour du café fraîchement infusé. Notre café est fait avec des grains 100 % arabica provenant des régions caféières les plus r... plus... Plus de texte
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On ne sait jamais à quoi s’attendre d’un nouveau restaurant. Est-ce que je vais m’amuser? Est-ce que la bouffe est bonne? Est-ce que le restaurant a une bonne réputation? Voici un petit guide qui mènera votre appétit à trouver les meilleurs restaurants  à St. Catharines ON.

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  • Lire les critiques : consultez les critiques des restaurants sur le Web ou dans la section cuisine des journaux. Les critiques catégorisent les restaurants de votre région d’après les prix, le service et l’ambiance du restaurant. Les critiques ne veulent plaire à personne sauf à leur appétit.
  • Le concierge sait tout: pratique ce concierge d’hôtel quand on visite une nouvelle ville! Cette personne est en mesure de trouver les meilleurs restaurants, peu importe vos goûts ou votre budget. Le concierge peut aussi faire des réservations ou demander un service de livraison. 
  • Savoir à quoi s’attendre des restaurants : communiquez avec le restaurant avant de le fréquenter afin de connaître le menu si vous êtes allergiques à certains éléments ou si vous avez besoin d’une grande table. Ne gâchez pas votre soirée parce que vous avez oublié la chaise haute!
  • Parlez aux marchands : L’épicier et le boulanger vendent leurs produits aux restaurants du coin. Demandez leur opinion des restaurants et le genre de mets servis. Renseignez-vous aussi sur ceux qui offrent des mets pour emporter.
  • Le sens de l’aventure : Votre nez est le meilleur outil quand vous êtes à la recherche d’un nouveau restaurant local. Si le parfum d’un bon met vous attire, suivez cette bonne odeur jusqu’au nouveau restaurant. Si vous êtes toujours à la recherche d’un restaurant, il y a toujours la livraison à domicile classique de mets chinois ou de pizza qui fait sourire tout le monde. 
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