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    Christian G

    website indicated having an aerator but wasn't on the shelf. store clerk was difficult to communicate with. he ordered the part telling me next week but when i called, it would be the end of the month.

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    I picked up 4 tubes of 48" fluorescent tube and double checked with salesman to ensure it was on sales. I made the payment and assumed that it will charge me correctly. I found out that they charged me in regular price when I looked at the bill at home. It just wasted my time to go back for a refund and I am not sure it was caused by a human mistake or just the computer. I learned a lesson and don't trust what they asked you to pay, and always check before you leave.

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    Dan S

    Tried to pass off...

    Tried to pass off an old mower as new even though it was rusted and dented then when we complained to BBB they said oh well they knew and lied about other details… This is a store to avoid unless you are buying something that needs 0 customer service and it is heavily discounted

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    The premier hardware location in Ottawa for hardware. Kudos to staff and management.

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