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A professional journalist from the Montreal area, Suzanne Taylor first developed a love for the city as a university student trolling the bar and resto scene. Today, she's more likely to be looking for things to do in Montreal with her kids, but she still likes to sneak in a pint and a chic meal when the time permits! Suzanne also writes content and feature-length articles for a variety of websites.
Plenty of Ottawa restaurants offer the opportunity to indulge in a sophisticated lunch and sip on a glass of chardonnay while you enjoy a masterful culinary creation. But if it’s cheap you're after, downtown Ottawa’s got those lunch options too.
Once upon a time, Ottawa foodies wanting a gourmet meal knew just the place to go – Montreal. Those days are so over! Amazing fine dining establishments have been sprouting up all over the city for years, boasting food on par with the world’s best. Here’s a list of shining examples to tempt you.
If you want to live a long and healthy life, fried chicken’s probably not a regular feature on your plate. But when that craving strikes, nothing quite hits the spot like it! At first glance it may seem like a challenge to find something in Ottawa other than the Colonel’s red and white buckets, but here are some reliable spots for fried chicken that go above and beyond.
Grocery shopping while hungry typically leads to grabbing all the wrong stuff and spending extra cash. Don't kill your finances with those hunger-induced, quick-fix lunches! Eat well and save your bankroll with this list of cheap lunch spots in Halifax. From BBQ to Korean tacos, these shops will satisfy your cravings.
Did you hear about that East Coast restaurant that tried to ban kids? With stuff like that going on, it's no wonder parents have a hard time picking a place to celebrate their kids' birthdays! Instead of settling for those impersonal big chains, consider these kid-friendly spots in Halifax first.
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