118-100 Anderson Rd SE, Calgary AB T2J 3V1
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Jillene C

my experience at your Eveline Charles South Center location was horrible! I booked an appt when booking the appt I went with an intermediate stylist. I told the lady who scheduled my apptI wanted a fire Baylage of Red Orange and Yellow. She then booked my appointment and quoted me $150 to $170 max for my appt. at my appt I was told that what I had booked could'nt be done in one session. 3 hours later my hair is just red and I need to rush to leave I go to pay and I am told it will be $278

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Very pretentious. And they do not know what they are doing. They are all talk and build up and then pure disappointment. Too Expensive. Needed a Pedicure 3 days later. Just sayin!

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Megan L

Bad Job On A Simple Trim (And Way Over-Priced)

PROS: - Convenient and easy booking, and was even able to book appointment for the very next day (at my location). - Pleasant and comfortable seating area. Coffee, tea and water available. Bright, clean and open design- with large windows that let in beautiful sunshine. - Hairdresser was polite and followed all of my requests. - Other hairdressers I observed seemed pleasant and friendly. CONS: - Took almost 3 mins for one of the receptionists to address me. There were four ladies and they were not with other customers. Were hovering around a computer. - Some staff idly lurking at a desk in the salon; staring at people and gossiping. Made me feel uncomfortable. - Hairdresser skipped steps in the haircut that previous hairdressers I have visited have all taken into account to ensure a perfect/straight/even trim, such as taking into consideration the way I part my hair each day and she did not section my hair off into layers on all sides of head to ensure even length of both hair hanging from lower region of head and from upper region of head. - For a barely 2 inch trim, NO wash & condition (at my request), NO styling (besides flat iron straight at the end)- it cost me $74 dollars; $83 dollars with a tip since I have a hard time not tipping for services. For me, an utterly unreasonable price for a trim. - Went home and found a 1 cm (about half-inch) section of hair entirely un-cut on one side of head- and on the other side, an entire thin layer of hair laying over the bulk of my hair that was noticeably longer than the rest of the hair lying underneath. Overall, I was very left very disappointed- due to the extremely high price for a trim, and the obvious lack of quality in the end result. I would not recommend this salon to anybody who wants a haircut, especially not for a trim.

Service: 1/5
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Prefer EvelineCharles Colorist to Many....

I have never been disappointed with the colouring job done by EvelineCharles. Always hit it right on the money of what I want done. Nice staff, comfortable atmosphere.

Service: 4/5
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