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    I was setting up ...

    I was setting up a network and needed last minute assistance late in the day. I was impressed with their long store hours and eagerness to assist me with my issues. Unlike other tech stores I have been to, the staff here were neither condescending nor clingy. They were able to help me out quickly and at the last minute , recommending the best fit for my situation, even when it

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    Really.....poor customer service

    I made a purchase on some computer parts through online. But don't know what was it from Memory Express just placed a wrong order for me. Then I told them to address that right away. Guess what, the staff kept asking questions after questions as if they were reluctant to deal with their mistakes. Actually I used to get computer parts from them but once there are always better deals at other online stores. Why bother to go there with poor customer service?

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    Beware combining the Uber Price Beat and in-store

    Beware combining the Uber Price Beat and in-store pickup. Even though you place your order online, and have to give the competitor's promotion's URL, they don't have it on hand and want you to guide them through "how to get there". Not only that, but the promotion has to be valid and be in stock when you PICK IT UP, they don't care what it is when you place your order. I guess this wouldn't be that big of a deal, except that it takes a couple days for your order to be ready, it doesn't mean the price beat has been accepted. Let's just say that it's more worthwhile to pay a couple extra dollars to make sure you actually get what you ordered at a reasonable price.

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