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  • Anglais,
370 Water St, Summerside PE C1N 1C4
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    Marlene S

    Excellent food an...

    Excellent food and service

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    Average eatery pretending to be something more.

    I am just going to tell the truth about our 1st visit to an eatery under new ownership in Summerside. (June 27th) Tried this nice looking eatery while visiting from Maine. The waitress was very nice. That was where the excellence ended. The portions were either poorly sized or poorly cooked. My wife ordered a lobster and scallop (under a cream sauce, over puffed pastry) dish. If there was a 1/2 cup of the Lobster/ scallop/ cream sauce I'd be suprised. The pastries were small, and tough, not flaky. And the whole thing was paired with a small salad... almost $24. My $20 glazed salmon was well portioned, but raw in the middle. My wife ordered the strawberry shortcake for dessert, with two tiny biscuits, and didn't even have a whole strawberry in the whole dessert. My custard dessert was on the small side for the $ price. The raw salmon was evidently an issue for them and they responded like they had never handled a complaint before. Up front, I told the waitress I couldnt eat another full portion, but she said they were going to cook me another anyway. No mention of comping us. I told her to box it up, as I would just take it back to my cottage to reheat and eat the next day. When it arrived, the Salmon was really more a "half" portion and not even a complete replacement, as well as missing some of the veggies from the original meal and the rest being half portions. When we complained, the chef made an excuse. The next stage was to give us a gift certificate; to which we replied we were visiting from the states and leaving by week's end. Finally they decided to comp the meal, but it was like leading a blind person to some place they had never been before. (And if you leave a truthful, but negative review on their Facebook page, they just delete it)

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    Don't waste your money

    My family and I were on vacation from Toronto and was in the Summerside area. There were really no other restaurants close by so we decided to try the lobster house. I ordered a med-rare steak topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions. It came with a side of vegetables and potatoes. My family ordered mussels, lobster linguine, salmon and scallops with the same sides. After we ordered our food, the waitress brought us some bread which was some dinner rolls. The rolls were stone cold like they just took it out of the fridge. I sent back the bread to get it warmed up and it came back very quickly. It was barely warm and the inside was still cold. I was disappointed and started to worry about our entrees. My plate came and my steak was really well done. It wasn"t even pink at all. I sent it back and when the waitress brought back my steak, it was a piece that had a lot of fat around it that shouldn't been served and it was also rare! I decided not to bother sending it back, so I cut into the sides. This has to be the worst steak I have ever tasted! The onions and the mushrooms on top tasted like the were saturated with vinegar. Our side vegetables were broccoli and carrots and the broccoli looked very unappetizing. It seemed that the vegetables may have been previously frozen or cooked for a long period of time because the broccoli was a dark green, almost brownish colour. If the broccoli was fresh, the colour would be a bright, vibrant green and have a little bite to it. All I ate was the potatoes and some of the carrots because that was the only thing that was edible. The mussels were good but everybody else's entrees were just under average and the food wasn't very hot. My plate was $25 which was the most expensive. I do work in the food industry as a pastry cook so I wanted to take a peek in the kitchen to see how organized it was. I took a glance and the cooks looked sloppy and were not wearing proper kitchen attire. They were just wearing shorts and a t-shirt with an apron and the kitchen looked dirty and disorganized. I wouldn't recommend that anyone dine here because you'll just be wasting your money. I would get fast food instead.

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