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Carmello's Italian Restaurant - Restaurants - 613-563-4349

Carmello's Italian Restaurant

300 Sparks St, Ottawa ON K1R 7S3 Itinéraire


The Soul of Italy...on the Sparks Street Mall

The Fish Market Restaurant - Restaurants - 613-241-3474

The Fish Market Restaurant

54 York St, Ottawa ON K1N 5T1 Itinéraire


casual seafood grill welcomes locals and world wwide visitors for lunch, dinner and casual munchies 7 days a week

Flying Piggy's Bistro Italiano - Restaurants - 613-526-4900

Flying Piggy's Bistro Italiano

1665 Bank St, Ottawa ON K1V 7Z2 Itinéraire


"27 Years of homemade Italian Cuisine"

Tai Ping Restaurant - Restaurants - 613-829-1748

Tai Ping Restaurant

1 3045 Carling Ave, Ottawa ON K2B 7K3 Itinéraire


chinese & Szechuanese Food

Seafood Grill - Restaurants - 613-723-2476

Seafood Grill

2 1480 Merivale Rd, Nepean ON K2E 6Z5 Itinéraire


A family business since 1992, the owners Joe andTony Epifano run a combination of a seafood restaurant and a fresh fish market.

Grill Master Restaurant & Catering - Traiteurs - 613-723-7769

Grill Master Restaurant & Catering

3 30 Colonnade Rd, Nepean ON K2E 7J6 Itinéraire


We are a family owned and operated business which was started in 1990 as a part time job and quickly turned into a full time one, we have 60 years of catering to groups in this area.

Joe's Pizza & Subs - Pizza et pizzérias - 613-828-1610

Joe's Pizza & Subs

4 68 Wylie Ave, Ottawa ON K2B 6M4 Itinéraire


Mouth watering pizza and subs - Family owned and Operated since 1984

El Capitano Taco Stand - Restaurants - 613-225-5559

El Capitano Taco Stand

5 1541 Merivale Rd, Nepean ON K2G 5W1 Itinéraire


An explosion of flavours to wake your sout..hern tastebuds! Wash the delicious food down with wide variety of craft beers & specialty cocktails. Stick around after dinner for great live entertainment!

Wan's Chinese Food - Plats à emporter - 613-825-8880

Wan's Chinese Food

6 3500 Fallowfield Rd, Ottawa ON K2J 4A7 Itinéraire


Chinese Takeout

Passport Café - Restaurants - 613-695-7899

Passport Café

9 1489B Merivale Rd, Nepean ON K2E 5P3 Itinéraire


Quality coffees, teas & delicious food - Menu inspired by the tastes of many capitals of the world. From paninis to crepes, espresso to smoothies, to every sweet treat between! 'Getaway' with us...

Don Cherry's - Restaurants - 613-241-6382

Don Cherry's

10 540 West Hunt Club, Ottawa ON K1V 1C1 Itinéraire


Sports teams can take advantage of our team specials – and the coach eats for free!

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