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2296 Chemin St François, Dorval QC H9P 1K2
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    --- Extreme Price Gouging --- Had a capacitor on my A/C die, asked them to bring one with them on the service call. They would not sell it to me in advance so no price was discussed other than service call. JCD Installed: SUPCO SPP6 Hard Start - $20 on amazon, JCD charged $195 ROTOM 36-5-370440 - $9 on appliance HQ JCD Charged $180 6 wire connectors - cents - JCD charged $29. There was no discussion on the price beforehard, I was either pay, or pay $300 for the service call and theyll remove.

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    respect for your customers is every bit as important as cleaning a unit. and your customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Unprofessional attitude with the costumers he takes money and does not finish the installation! impossible to contact not answering the calls.

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    Extremely rude & unprofessional specially the owner !

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    BUYER BEWARE!!! My experience is almost identical to most of the negative reviews listed here; rude, no show, unprofessional, complete disregard for customer. Unit installed in 2017, In the fall of 2019 noticed my garment bags were ladened with rust water from a leak from pipes running through my closet. Called JCD in June 2020, was given an appointment in July, but received NO service. Sent an email to Chris, but received no reply after 4 days. Called another contractor, repaired in 10 min.

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    Unprofessional and dishonest company. They change the appointment every few hours or do not show up, and when they do show up the 2 young guys are unprofessional at best!!!! and dishonest. If you confront them, they will put the blame on you and will ask you to not call them back. Be aware!!!

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    Service after sale is horrible! Purchased a heat pump and furnace in October 2018 called them back the next day to tell them the fan does not supply enough air flow and that I was going to have problems next summer with the cooling, they tolled me to call back in June if that be the case, well it June and my evaporator coil keeps freezing up...go figure called on June 17 and still waiting on fix...

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    Chris is very knowledgeable and an excellent salesman. I felt really comfortable purchasing a heat pump and thermostat from JCD in October 2018. The unit worked well during the winter. On June 8 2019, we put the AC on for the first time. The air blows luke warm to slightly cool, not cold, and does not cool the house to the desired setting. I dont mind dealing with Chris, but his father, who often answers the phone, is abrupt and very rude. I would not recommend JCD just because of him.

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    A real 5-star experience. Three days into my family vacation, my homes original heating system conked out. My neighbour helped me get quotes from heating cos, whom I later called to ask questions. I went with JCD for the simple reason that they were always on the ball. All my questions were answered with yes as they had a solution for everything..they just made it easy to do business with. This is a family-owned business and it really shows. Thank you to all here who helped us out.

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    Told me that my thermostat was defective and sold me a $250.00 thermostat. Total bill was $500.00. That still did not solve my problem. He came back and actually found the problem which was dust in the AC condenser. When I asked if it was possible it wasnt the thermostat, he started to freak out and wanted to charge me again. I then replaced the old thermostat after removing the dust and everything is working perfectly. He sold me something I didnt need. Beware.

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    Amazing service

    Amazing emergency repair service. Any company that can send somebody over on a holiday weekend for a home cooling emergency earns a 5-star in my books. There is now cold air coming out of our vents :)

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    Contacted them on a Wednesday and explained AC problems. We booked an appointment for Friday, and they never showed. When I called to enquire, I had to go through the entire explanation all over again, as though I had never made an appointment. Then I was told that I had to wait until Monday the following week as they needed specialty equipment. When I enquired why this wasn't mentioned when I called to make the appointment, I was told that they don't want to argue and it is, what it is. T

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    I originally had given a poor rating only because I couldn't get a response on the phone, (I wanted to revise my post but can't find it) but this was quickly resolved and we made can appointment for this morning and I am highly satisfied with the service and professionalism. Thank you Julian.

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    Great service

    Really happy with the service from this company for my home's heating and air-conditioning system

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    Unlike others we have found it to be a pleasure to do business with this Co.in the purchase & inst of a Lennox mini split syst & the servicing of a second unit. The unit we replaced was old and adding coolant did not work.Their bid was highly competitive,their responsiveness to our questions & requests was excellent .Always answered our calls promptly. All work was performed in a timely matter and with good results. We dealt with the owner's son who is a superb rep of the Co.Would highly recomme

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    Fast service

    I was suddenly left with no heating throughout my entire office this morning. I called JCD around 9:30 AM, and they had someone over here and had the problem fixed before noon. I was not even able to get same-day service with my existing contractor. Extremely impressed with the service, and pleasant to deal with. Thank you

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    received same day...

    received same day service to repair my broken thermo pump for a freon leak on the weekend. Very satisfied

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