Pizza Des Hautes Plaines


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  • Cuisine canadienne,


  • Pizza,

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  • Français,
  • Anglais,
760, boul des Hautes-Plaines, Gatineau QC J8Z 3N3
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Évaluations et commentaires - Pizza Des Hautes Plaines

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    Kortney F

    We ordered pizza tonight from this place and the delivery boy was having a hard time finding my address. The owner of the pizza place called my cell phone , asking if I was sure I gave the proper address. I wasn't even upset or displaying any type of emotion, yet this man was freaking out, screaming at his driver on another phone. He puts the phone back to his ear and says to me "this is what happens when you give an immigrant a job" it was disgusting. I will never support this place again.

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    Allexeh L

    I may come off as...

    I may come off as a picky client but I like my shawarma sandwish made a particular way. This way it doesnt get all wet after sitting around in the delivery car for about an hour ... Well this time when I ordered I spoke to someone incredibly rude. Telling me my order could not be done the way I wanted it because it is too stressful , and that it was the owners directives...Yes , it is too stressful for them to complete a special order . I than offered to pay extra but he said... And I quote ; "We cant loose our jobs for one order!" As it was 9pm, I asked if he was in too much of a rush to do it and he accepted and mentioned it was the LAST time... Kinda ironic, because I was thinking to myself that this would be the last time I ordered from there! I also had a 8$ coupon, but somehow it came up to 20$ . My bread was wet, and the poutine was simply nasty. Burned fries , and old gravy... To be honnest it was a waste of cheese...

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