6-2821 3 Ave NE, Calgary AB T2A 7P3 Itinéraire
Best Control Pest Control is an industry leader in professional treatment for residential and commercial pest problems
Dessert Lyalta et les environs
rentokil's Mission Is To Provide Professional, Reliable and Effective Pest Control. Rentokil Can Treat Any Pest Problem, Including: Rodents, Bedbugs, Ants, Cockroaches, Birds. Call Today! plus... Plus de texte
62 Saddleridge Close Northeast, Calgary AB T3J 4X2 Itinéraire
Extermination de punaises
We had many company over last 2 years doing treatments in our 6 units building and problems were never solved. We Clean is the first company that solved it all after one heat treatment that took one day. We had a second treatment 2 months after for 2 units at no charge. Nothing since the last 3 months. I recommend this company to any manager tired to deal with angry tenants complaining of bed bugs. Lire plus
5656 Madigan Dr NE, Calgary AB T2A 4P3 Itinéraire
Fertilisant, Taille des arbres, Arboriculteur, Abattage d'arbres, Vaporisation, Déneigement, Taille des arbustes, Taille de haie, Treatment de pelouse, Élagage d'arbres, Fongicide, Essouchement, Fertilisation, Soins des arbres, Installation d'enseignes, Haubanage, Déneigement, Control des insect et maladie d'arbres, Insecticide, Installation de lumieres de noel
Les specialistes du soins des arbres à Calgary faisant l'élagage, l'abattage, le control des insectes et des maladies d'arbre par micro-injection dans le tronc de l'arbre. Nous som... plus... Plus de texte
235 Exploration Ave SE, Calgary AB T3S 0B6 Itinéraire
Élimination d'abeilles, Extermination d'insectes, Élimination de ratons laveurs, Extermination de fourmis
This was our first time using Cal-Rid after being disappointed by other pest control companies. We were impressed by the level of knowledge of the technicians, the thorough interior and exterior inspection (even crawling under our deck to fill a hole), and the solid guarantee period. The mice were coming in the house right where he predicted! I will be recommending Cal-Rid to whomever is in need of friendly and intelligent exterminators. Lire plus
4819 1 St NW, Calgary AB T2K 0X5 Itinéraire
extermination de fourmis, extermination de punaises, extermination de coquerelles, extermination d'araignées, extermination de guêpes, extermination de souris
You guys are exceptional! you offered to come back again to ensure that my ants problem got fixed, and you did. Thanks! :) Lire plus
240-70 Shawville Blvd SE, Calgary AB T2Y 2Z3 Itinéraire
Extermination de guêpes, Extermination de termites, Élimination d'écureuils, Extermination d'araignées, Extermination de rats, Extermination d'insectes, Élimination de marmottes, Fumigation, Extermination de coquerelles, Élimination d'abeilles, Extermination de punaises, Élimination de chauve-souris, Extermination de fourmis, Élimination de ratons laveurs, Élimination de pigeons, Élimination de moufettes, Extermination de rongeurs, Élimination de fourmis charpentières, Extermination de souris
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